1vs1 ROTR 1.86 Tournament

19.12.2015 - 18.01.2016
admins: strikershockwave, SpeCoV1k
State: Tournament ended
All files: Download

Only for registered users

Первый турнир по Rise of the Reds (RotR) 1.86!

All players must have skype in their profiles.

-Format: Single Elimination

-Version: ROTR 1.86 ( http://www.moddb.com/mods/rise-of-the-reds/downloads/rotr-patch-186-release )

-Starting Cash: $ 10000

-Position/Spots: Random ( not select position ) You can select the position provided there is agreement among the participants

-Games: Final and 3rd Place BO9. Semi-Finals BO7. Other Games BO5

-Army: Random ( You can select your favorite generals if both players agree with a matchup )

-Gentool Preferably ): Latest Version (7.3) or 7.2

-SW Limit: NO SW (Topol Limit - 1)

-Forbidden: Cheats, Maphack and Hacks softwares.

-Games can be played on: SWR.NETHamachi (Network Name: C&C Generals ZH Mods   Password: No)

-Maps: 1st Match You and your opponent agree to choose one of the maps from the list below, loser choose different maps from the list below for next game. Can't play on the same map twice.

TD NoBugsCars ZH v1

Dust Devil [ZH]

Bitter Winter

Desert Fury [ZH]

Cold Territory [MP]

Melting Snow ZH v2

Lagoon [ROTR]

The Path [ROTR]

[NMC] Gorge Drought

Bounty [ROTR]

OnzaMap [ROTR]

Airforce General[ROTR][C]

ForgottenForest - Fixed [Skitt]

Natural Threats [ROTR]

Winter Wolf Balanced ZH v1

Download Maps  

* Best players of the tournament will be selected for the Generals XXX Tournament!

* All players must edit score and upload replays after the game!

* What will happen if a game ends in a disconnect, crash or mismatch?

If the game mismatches or someone disconnects, the game will have to be re-played unless there was a clear winner at the point of disconnection/crash/mismatching. In this case that player will be awarded the victory. If you are unable to agree on this, send the replay to Admins's Skype and a tournament referee will decide.

*Suggestion for Installation:

1st: Make a copy of a clean zero hour directory

2nd: Install ROTR 1.85 in this clean zh directory ( http://www.moddb.com/mods/rise-of-the-reds/downloads/rise-of-the-reds-version-185 )

3rd: So Install ROTR 1.86 ( http://www.moddb.com/mods/rise-of-the-reds/downloads/rotr-patch-186-release ) and Have Fun!

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#4 strikershockwave 2016-01-02 16:31
1/4 deadline is 3rd January!
#3 strikershockwave 2015-12-25 19:58
only scores 3 -0 for now!!!
#2 Leikezei 2015-12-24 18:16
-3 #1 ZoRRo 2015-12-12 10:39
idite naxuy ne dayte mne ssilka bolshe bann dayte mne musori shluxi

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