World Cup 2015

31.01.2015 - 05.03.2015
admins: -Rob^xD`, SpeCoV1k
State: Tournament ended
All files: Download

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Hello everyone!

This World Сup is held every year to identify the best player 1v1 in the World Generals Zero Hour 2015!
The tournament will be attended by 64 players who sign up and then confirm participation.

The topic of the tournament where you can ask a question here 

1. General Information, rules and technical description.

- Place of the tournament: -Rob ^ xD` organized with the support of the portal
- Game Version: 1.04
- Starting Money: $ 10,000
- Limit superweapons: no
- Choosing armies: random or specifically on the choice of the players. If there is no agreement, or situation occurs, "the army in reply to army," and so on to infinity, the selected random. However, the player has no right to demand that the other player to abandon the fractions, which he wants. Players consenting adults can use the open Random, configurable program GenTool. If even one of the players against open Random - mean confrontation should be played with a closed Random.
- System of: Olympic, take off. The tournament was attended by up to 64 players in order of free registration. This means that the tournament will be held in six stages: 1/32, 1/16 and 1/8 Best Of 5(three wins), 1/4 and 1/2 Best Of 7(4 wins), and finally, the final and meeting for the 3rd place Best Of 9(5 wins).
- The order of the games on the maps: All matches must be played on different maps permitted in the "Maps" of this regulation.
- Position on the map: by arrangement or not to choose.
- It is forbidden: Scud-bug, Money-bug, laser-turret bug, TOW-bug and of course the any map-hack. Just is forbidden construction of gabions on the base of an opponent for USA during the first 30 seconds of the game. Just forbidden insults and slander of opponents and referees, and it is punishable by up to disqualification.
- Who is allowed to register: absolutely any player, not who resorts earlier and on suspicion of foul play.
It should be is mandatory to have installed Gentool of version 6.5, download mode replays should be translated into "KEEP ALL". By the first requested by the referee you need to provide a link to the folder with your games (on a server GT). If the game is not to upload, send a file with replays and screenshots, which stays on your PC.
- Questions and complaints: contact referees of tournament (para. 7) PM on or or contact them by skype.

- During the registration of the tournament: you must specify the profile your contact details (skype or ICQ).
- Also: if you have an account on or - add to your profile in this site link to the profile of one of those sites. This is necessary for a more convenient search you and your opponents.
- If you have Gameranger, you can also in the "about me" (in your profile on this site) to specify your ID.

2. Registration duration and dates for the tournament.

Registration is opened from 24.01. and will last until 23:00 (20:00 GMT) 30.01. inclusive.
1/32 - the duration of the stages: from 31.01 00:00 (21:00 GMT 30.01) on 05.02 23:00 (20:00 GMT)
1/16 - the duration of the stages: from 06.02 00:00 (21:00 GMT 05.02) on 11.02 23:00 (20:00 GMT)
1/8 - the duration of the stages: from 12.02 00:00 (21:00 GMT 11.02) on 17.02 23:00 (20:00 GMT)
1/4 - the duration of the stages: from 18.02 00:00 (21:00 GMT 17.02) on 23.02 23:00 (20:00 GMT)
1/2 - the duration of the stages: from 24.02 00:00 (21:00 GMT 23.02) on 01.03 23:00 (20:00 GMT)
Finals and battle for 3rd place: to the finish.

Please note that these dates are fixed dates. The end of each stage means a loss for couples who did not have time to play. However, if you fight with your opponent and hit the next stage and if your opponent in the next stage is already defined, then you are allowed to play the next stage ahead of time. Activity tournament players will not allow delayed in time. 

3. Maps for each of the stages.

- For each stage is strictly fixed list of maps
- Play on these maps can be in either order
The non-repetition maps in the match until the game will be played on all maps of the map-pool

1/32: Cold Territory ZH v2, NorthAmerica, TD Resurrection v2
1/16: BBB, Flash Fire Balanced ZH vB, Melting Snow v2
1/8: TD NoBugsCars ZH v1, Winter Wolf Balanced ZH v1, Natural Threats ZH v2
1/4: Coastal Conflict ZH v2, Bozic Destruction ZH v3, Forgotten Air Battle v2, BBB
1/2: Sand Serpent, Hard Winter Zh v2, TD Classic NoCars ZH v1, North America
Finals and battle for 3rd place: OnzaMap, TD NoBugsCars ZH v1, Lagoon ZH v2, Forgotten Air Battle v2, Flash Fire Balanced ZH vB

Download all unofficial tournament maps (for those who do not have the map-pack from Relax): >DOWNLOAD
Download only unofficial maps which are not present in the pack Relax: >DOWNLOAD

4. The order of treaty on the time of the match.

Players do agree with the opponents. It would be nice if you leave in your profile for more contact information, and begin to look for themselves opponent. To fix your activity strongly urge make arrangements or agreements to show results in the comments to your game. It is very important to the last resort, if your couple does not play, and will need end-of-stage defeat to apply one of the players.

5. Technical Victory and defeat.

At the end of the term of each of the stages, the referee will exhibit victory or defeat for those couples who will not have time to play in the period. The results will be based on the active players in search of his opponent: first based upon agreements and shown in the comments to your game, secondly based upon the comments, as per your proofs addressed personally referee in the PM or Skype. When of inactivity any one of the opponents, the victory will be given to the person who in the opinion of the judge is more chance to win (it is subjective, but other criteria in such cases it is not).

6. Making meetings.

Since the tournament is held in the portal, then presentation of results, upload replays, and associated details such as the grid itself, watching the games, rules, and so on take place

To presentation of games necessary:
1) Go to the desired game (by selecting it on the main page or in the tournament grid, or through the top menu "My Games")
2) Click on the "Report match"
3) Enter the result of the game and pick replays (the required number of files)
4) Click "Report match"
More full instructions on registration of games you can find HERE

Match results may fill any of its participants. But if it makes winning player, the loser will have to confirm the result of the match.

Upload and execute the replay results should be at once after the game, to avoid any kind of conflict. Just for good reason, the player can not immediately draw results for upload replays given 23 hours from the time the battle was played.

7. The composition of the team.

Organizers: -Rob^xD` and [WbG]~SpeC~ (idea, implementation, drawing up rules, the overall control events)
Major referee: -Rob^xD` (the judge decides at end of each stage, about technical lesions)
Contact Referee: -Rob^xD`, DustyRhodes (it judges that it is necessary contact for any questions and problems, they also fix activity of the players)
Independent Referee: [WbG]~SpeC~ (the judge viewing the replays all the meetings for poor)
Art design: DustyRhodes
Translator: Eres Tu
Prize: 40 $

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