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[quote name="NecromoD"] жаль что дфс не участвовал[/quote]
Ну да, тогда бы он второе место был, а не Сарлок. by saxsofonist Match Sarlock - _spL_


круть - поздравляю! by SpeCoV1k Match Sarlock - _spL_


кто бы сомневался в победителе нюк турнира. жаль что дфс не участвовал by NecromoD Match Sarlock - _spL_


I can play tomorro or monday. You? by Sarlock Match Sarlock - _spL_


idk, when spl fix your game, problems with windows by DustyRhodes Match _spL_ - DustyRhodes
when?.... by weteran^ Match _spL_ - DustyRhodes


I'm going on a holiday until 14 august. If we can play finals then would be amazing. If you want to finish before we can play today all day. Otherwise I have to forfeit. by Sarlock Match Sarlock - _spL_
I can play today, going on holiday for 10 days. If no games today We have to wait till 14 august, or forfeit. by Sarlock Match Sarlock - weteran^
Can play today all day. by Sarlock Match saxsofonist - Sarlock


i'm easy! :lol: by DustyRhodes Match DustyRhodes - -ShaGGer^
Well played dusty. by ReLiC Match DustyRhodes - -ShaGGer^
playing vs dusty is playing vs genmaster ...often loosing coz of lame dozer hunt ... he wouldnt have any chance in 2nd game otherwise by -ShaGGer^ Match DustyRhodes - -ShaGGer^
WTF? Alex lose only 1 game! by saxsofonist Match weteran^ - Alex-ZH