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The first season of the League Generals starts from the domestic community on CnC Generals: Zero Hour.
This is a kind of revival of the Old League from, in which time has 13 seasons (yes, the number with a damn dozen played a cruel joke). Absolutely all players of any level of the game are invited.



This season is the first, therefore it is distributive for players. All players will participate in one league (if there are more than 30 participants, each group has 15+ participants). According to the results of this season, players who have taken places from 1st to 4th in each group, respectively (or the same first 8 players if there will be one group), automatically fall into the PRO League, which starts from the next season. Players in the Semi-Pro League are given the opportunity to compete for the pro-league next season. "Young Guard" for the right to get into the semi-pro league.


- As soon as you get access to the network agreement, you must observe a couple of important, but easy conditions:

1. You must join the group for this tournament at Discord,


2. Your ID, Discord should be indicated in your profile on this site to facilitate the search for your opponents during the tournament.


- Registration for the League is open from April 8 to 12, inclusive, until 20:00 GMT.
- The 1st season of the League starts on April 12 at 23:00 GMT and will last until May 2, inclusive (until 03:59).
- May 2-3, Saturday-Sunday, a playoff battle should be held between players who took 2nd place in each of their groups (4 people) according to the Best of 7 system - for the right to participate in the next season in the PRO League (at the same time, the loser in the battle for 3rd place does not get there)


1) 1x1, on-line.
2) League system: Circular + Fixes-3-Sets. This means that each participant must play the match with all opponents. Moreover, the match consists of 3 (three) battles, and depending on the result, the players play all three battles. Thus, the score of the match can be either 3-0 or 2-1 - the third game must be played for sure.
3) Army choice: reversible opened by random in the first two games, without indicating points (spots) on the map; in the second game, players change armies and spots. the third game is mirror armies, at the choice of the players themselves.
4) -
5) Starting amount: $ 10,000.
6) Restriction on the construction of Super Weapon: no.
7) Position on the map: do not choose.
8) Venue of fights: any, at the choice of players. Welcome to the game on CNC: Online and in the specially created RadMin network for the League (Identifier - the information will be in discord.

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