Generals-ZH.RU League Cup Season XI

27.04.2015 - 10.05.2015
admins: ZaRz, Cyclone #6
State: Tournament ended
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League Cup - this event, which is part of every season of the League Different from the main stage he that invited here 8 best players in Pro-League season, on its results, and also invited 8 finalists Semi-Pro League at the four best from each group. Games are played on the Olympic system, and accordingly starts with the 1/8th. Also the hallmark of the cup is that the fight is only for the first place. no silver and bronze medalists.

This season, for the right to receive the Cup - are fighting:


 ZaRz -Rob^xD` asus  DustyRhodes
 AlegaToR  SpeCoV1k  Vitalik.UA  StaRleu`
 _spL_  Radix  GAttuso  Ruiz
 AIR-Z  -ShaGGer^  Buddha  iiMAN


Cup will be held by the same rules as the league (rules can be found here), except for a few features:

  • System Single Elimination (Olympic), ie, second chance you will be gone.
  • Matches are held on the system BO-5 (ie, up to 3 wins). Final - BO-7
  • Match for 3rd place will not.


  1. The system of League Cup: Olympic + Best Of 5. This means that each member of the Cup starts against only one opponent (a pair are distributed beforehand according to the occupied places in the Pro and Semi-Pro Leagues), and moving "up" grid, defeating one opponent after another - until you reach the final. Total every player can have a maximum of 4 opponent, and accordingly round 4: final, 1/2, 1/4 and 1/8. At the same time if the player loses the match - he leaves the Cup. Matches are held on the system BO-5, which means that in one match can be from three to five battles - in other words - the game up to three victories.
  2. Starting cash: $ 10,000
  3. The choice of the army: random or SELECT. if you can not reach an agreement, or the situation goes' "army in response to the army", and so on to infinity, selected random. However, the player has no right to demand that the other player does not choose the fraction of what he wants.
  4. Limitation on the the construction of SW: no.
  5. The position on the map: by agreement or not to choose.
  6. Venue fights: any players to choose from.
  7. Also a good tone is formal invitation streamers League at their matches.
1. The first map in the match - Lagoon ZH v2. Next map selects the loser. Also, with the consent of both players, the first map can be any at their discretion.
2. Maps are available for games:

- TD NoBugsCars ZH v1

- Lagoon ZH v2

- Forgotten Air Battle v2

- BBB (улучшенная версия Barren Badlands)

- Flash Fire Balanced ZH vB

- OnzaMap

- Cold Territory ZH v2

- Melting Snow ZH v2

- Desert Fury

- Frog Prince

- Wastelands Warlords

- Highway 99

- The First Strike ZH v2

- Sand Serpent

- Bitter Winter

Every fight in the meeting must be played on the new map!

Each player must take care in advance of these maps have been successfully added to the game.

  • -Rob^xD`
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  • AIR-Z
     Pusciferfly  Pusciferfly  AIR-Z[RU]
  • AlegaToR
  • asus
     #8337 OwenCover
    Первое правило - не сдаваться. Второе правило - помнить о первом правиле
  • Buddha
  • DustyRhodes
  • GAttuso
  • NecromoD
  • Radix
     radix12345  295246198
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  • SpeCoV1k
     specov1k  Beton in Discord  ~WBG~NooBoV1k))#6455  Specov1k
    when you say a little - it is easier to stick to what has been said (c), Sauli Niinistö
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     zhstarleu  644072918
  • Vitalik.UA
  • ZaRz
  • _spL_
     Discord 7511#4011  7511#4011


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