Fast Cup #12 Generals Zero Hour

26.08.2016 - 09.09.2016
admins: saxsofonist, DustyRhodes
State: Tournament ended
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Only for registered users


1/8 - 1.09
1/4 - 3.09
All players need to have skype login in their profiles. 

All players need to have skype login in their profiles.
-Format: Single Elimination
-Version: 1.04
-Starting Cash: 10000$
-SW Limit: No
-Spots: Not selected
-Armies: Open random (you can't pick army)
-GenTool: Latest version
-Games: BO5. Semi-finals and Finale are BO7.
Cheating, bug abuse, scaffold abuse is not allowed.
Deadlines: 2 days per round
Re: Both players have an option to cancel matchup if they don't like it. You can only do this once per match.
Maps(download): First game is played on TD NoBugsCars ZH v1, loser picks map for next game. Can't play on the same map twice.


Lagoon ZH v2
Forgotten Air Battle v4
BBB (improved Barren Badlands)
Flash Fire Balanced ZH vB (NOT ZH v1)
Cold Territory ZH v2
Melting Snow ZH v2
Hard Winter ZH v2
Homeland Rocks ZH v3
Natural Threats ZH v2
North America
Desert Fury
Wasteland Warlords
Winter Wolf Balanced ZH v1
The First Strike ZH v2
Coastal Conflict ZH v2 


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#21 DustyRhodes 2016-08-27 15:06
The deadline of 1/32 is tomorrow. Hurry up guys.
#20 DoctorSatch 2016-08-26 12:51
Quoting DoctorSatch:
Неоф.чат турнира : )

Чат удалён за ненадобностью
#19 DoctorSatch 2016-08-26 10:02
Неоф.чат турнира : )

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