1vs1 Shockwave Tournament Desert

19.12.2015 - 18.01.2016
admins: strikershockwave, DustyRhodes
State: Tournament ended
All files: Download

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1vs1 Shockwave Tournament Desert

All players must have skype in their profiles.

-Format: Single Elimination

-Version: Shockwave 1.1 Released ( http://www.moddb.com/mods/cc-shockwave/downloads/shockwave-11-release1 )

-Starting Cash: $ 10000

-Position/Spots: Random ( You can select the position provided there is agreement among the participants )

-Games: All Games BO5

-Army: Random You can select your favorite general if both players agree with a matchup )

-Gentool Preferably )Latest Version (7.3) or 7.2

-SW Limit: 1 (Limit SW)

-Forbidden: Cheats,Maphack,Hacks softwares. 

-Games can be played on: CNC Online, GameRangerHamachi (Network Name: C&C Generals ZH Mods   Password: No), Tunngle Or another way as possible!

-MapsTD NoBugsCars ZH v1 map  

* Best players of the tournament will be selected for the Generals XXX Tournament!

* All players must edit score and upload replays after the game!

* What will happen if a game ends in a disconnect, crash or mismatch?

If the game mismatches or someone disconnects, the game will have to be re-played unless there was a clear winner at the point of disconnection/crash/mismatching. In this case that player will be awarded the victory. If you are unable to agree on this, send the replay to Admins's Skype and a tournament referee will decide.

  • -DoMiNaToR-
     DoMiNaToR#0897  DoMiNaToR#0897  DoMiNaToR#0897  discord: DoMiNaToR#0897
  • blackx
     johnson.lyndo  blackxxx12
  • DustyRhodes
  • GeDiRcOHOwN
     GeDiRcOHOwN  4811497_GameRanger
  • general andrew
    general andrew
    Greater enemy,defence.Smaler enemy,attack
  • no avatar
    Your weaknesses became obvious when I scanned your tactics
  • Leikezei
     Leikeze  Leikeze  todracket
    Discord: #6757
  • no avatar
    Discord: Marakar #8403
  • Once
     RiseUP C&C
  • SpeCoV1k
     specov1k  Beton in Discord  ~WBG~NooBoV1k))#6455  Specov1k
    when you say a little - it is easier to stick to what has been said (c), Sauli Niinistö
  • strikershockwave
    What's the Job?
  • SunnY
    Even be hacked, General? HhaahAHAHAHA
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  • _spL_
     Discord 7511#4011  7511#4011


#3 strikershockwave 2016-01-02 16:26
The tournament has been extended until January 18, 2016! Good Games Generals!
#2 strikershockwave 2015-12-17 00:06
Sure. It will be hard!
+1 #1 general andrew 2015-12-15 21:37
Really nice tournament,i thing be really hard because everybody havent experiance in shockwave

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