Турнир по моду С&С World War 2 в формате 1х1 2022

10.12.2022 - 10.12.2022
admins: Novikolay, bl9rTVRTS
State: Tournament ended

Only for registered users

Welcome to the first Generals: World War II Tournament in 1v1 format!

Small update info in the regulations from 09.12.22 (items 10 & 11)!
The tournament will be held within one (maximum - two days) in the "FastCup" format December 10 (reserve day - December 11) on the Bl9RTV channel.
End of registration and draw - 10.12.22 at approximately 10:00 Moscow time
The exact time will be agreed with you in private messages in the discord in the tournament section https://discord.com/invite/mFZVBuZ, please be on the server and respond in a timely manner!
Please note that the mod is still in beta, there may be bugs in the game, if such bugs appear, an operational patch may be released with changes in the game balance (or a new rule restricting the use of something) right during the tournament (for example, before the final ) !!! In this case, games played on previous versions will not be reviewed, even if the player wins with the help of a flaw / bug of the game.


Total number of participants: maximum 16 (all others - for replacement)
1/8 final - BO3 (Up to 2 wins)
1/4 final - BO3 (Up to 2 wins)
Semifinal - BO3 (Up to 2 wins)
Match for 3rd place - BO5 (Up to 3 wins)
Final - BO7 (Up to 5 wins) or BO5 (if it's too late)


1) Carrying out system: Olympic
2) Tournament format: 1x1
3) Starting amount: $10.000
4) Army choice: Random & Reverse
5) On the last game you can pick army
6) Construction restriction SW: Allowed SW
7) Have the latest version of GenTool! Be sure to install the mod ONLY through GenLaucher from Del!
8) All games will be played in Radmin VPN. The public network where the tournament will take place is called C&C: Generals - Zero Hour - World War II
9) Be sure to indicate your discord in your profile and join the server of the World War II mod channel (link: https://discord.com/invite/mFZVBuZ)!
The Organizers will contact you to coordinate the time of the games! If you are not found, you will be replaced.
10) If a player is caught cheating (using MapHack, etc.) - disqualification.
11) Once again: installing the mod ONLY through GenLaucher from Del! In GenLaucher, the function to check the integrity of the files of the mod must be enabled! So we can guarantee the absence of out of sync. As a guide, the version of the mod at the start of the tournament is 0.27.9, make sure before your matches that your version matches it! If there are additional changes, we will definitely notify you about it! If you have any problems with the installation, write to the discord, we will definitely help you.


The choice of maps is as follows: the first map is chosen by the one who is higher in the table, and then in turn. Choose only maps from the list below. You cannot take the same map twice.
Preliminary list of maps:
- Oil Rampaje
- Desert Jackal
- Snow tournament
- Calm Lands
- Summer arena
- Gourge Drought
- Barren Badlands
The full list of maps will be published after the release of patch 0.26 (approximately 1.03.21)

DISCONNECTIONS ("Out of sync errors"):

1. If the disconnect occurs during the first three minutes of the game, the fight must be replayed. In this case, the player against whom the disconnect occurred has the right to demand a replay with the same composition of armies that was at the start of this game. When using his right, the player against whom the disconnect occurred must present a starting replay and a screenshot of the disconnection.
2. If the disconnect occurs after the first three minutes of the game, the situation is considered by the League Arbitration:
2.1. If the player has, in the opinion of the referee, a clear advantage in the game, the referee has the right to award him a victory.
2.2. If a player has, in the opinion of the referee, a "bad" state of affairs in his play, the referee has the right to award him a loss.
2.3. If one of the players deliberately delays the match (going on the defensive without trying to counterattack), then the victory is automatically assigned to the attacking player).
2.4. In the event of a balanced, in the opinion of the referee, game situation during a disconnect or a slight advantage of one player over another, the referee has the right to order a replay.
3. To resolve all controversial issues, players must provide saved replays of games to the judge in Discord
4. League Arbitration reminds that an independent decision of the players to recognize a replay / defeat / victory is encouraged. This is a sign of good form for the players.


1st PLACE - 2000 RUB
2nd PLACE - 1000 RUB
3rd PLACE - 1500 RUB
People's Choice Award - 500 RUB


If we do not reach the minimum number of participants of 16 people, there will be NO prize pool.
At the moment, funds are being raised for the formation of the prize fund (as of 11/17/22, 50% have been collected). Tentatively, it will be built in the manner indicated above. You can help raise funds at this link: https://www.donationalerts.com/r/generals_world_war_2. All funds collected in excess of the amount (if they come without a specific description of what, maybe the sponsor will wants to set a challenge, etc.) will go to the formation of the prize fund of the next tournament (in the 2x2 format).

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