Tournament events Fast Cup #7


I had to cancel the mu china vs gla but i didnt until i see this is not my day with armys so i canceled the wrong Mu which i have more chance to win by Curious Match Curious - -DoMiNaToR-


I could have cancelled the nuke vs inf matchup but I chose to play it :D by -DoMiNaToR- Match Curious - -DoMiNaToR-
LoL...the fuckface nearly won by ReLiC Match Curious - -DoMiNaToR-
wow close ^^ by boycah Match Curious - -DoMiNaToR-


well i just told u im cant play on friday or saturday
luckily im at home right now so we can play now by Curious Match Curious - -DoMiNaToR-
where r u? im online again today by -DoMiNaToR- Match Curious - -DoMiNaToR-


im online now for like 4 hours by -DoMiNaToR- Match Curious - -DoMiNaToR-
I came on yeesterday and couldnt see you. I can play anytime this weekend. Tell me when ur online. Would be handy if you use a name I know on gameranger so I know who you are. by -DoMiNaToR- Match Curious - -DoMiNaToR-


im aviabile to play all day now i cant play on friday or saturday by Curious Match Curious - -DoMiNaToR-


taz when we play? Saturday daytime gmt? by -DoMiNaToR- Match Curious - -DoMiNaToR-


dominator is raping all these tourny's :P by boycah Match Curious - -DoMiNaToR-
WP! Интересные игры, особенно аир инф понравилась by Vitalik.UA Match -DoMiNaToR- - DustyRhodes


Тот момент, когда понимаешь, что ты дно))) by DustyRhodes Match -DoMiNaToR- - DustyRhodes
you'll play or not? by ZaRz Match stepacek - Curious
Fun Games by DustyRhodes Match -DoMiNaToR- - DustyRhodes
ready now by -DoMiNaToR- Match -DoMiNaToR- - DustyRhodes