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Match Funkybot^^ - Tankki3


#2 Funkybot^^ 2015-03-20 00:04
oh GG =) thx 4 game man )
Tankki are really wery hard with his 5 time same strategy, each next game i wait for new tactic, but fuked up on previous strategy )))
and in second game was pretty lol from me =)) i buld com center instead of War fact... seat wait .... why so looooong? fking loooong?... bulding done!
and i see CCenter !!!!)))) pfff wtf i am doing ))))
so chemp done anyway
Thx 4 all players ! ))) have fun good bee nice and easy =)))
всем спасибо за игру =) хороших вам вам игр, пусть бог шпили вилли не покидает вас =)
#1 Tankki3 2015-03-19 22:10
When can you play?

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