Fast Cup #7 /  Play-Off

Match Curious - -DoMiNaToR-


#11 Curious 2015-07-06 10:08
I had to cancel the mu china vs gla but i didnt until i see this is not my day with armys so i canceled the wrong Mu which i have more chance to win
#10 -DoMiNaToR- 2015-07-05 15:44
I could have cancelled the nuke vs inf matchup but I chose to play it :D
+1 #9 ReLiC 2015-07-05 13:26
LoL...the fuckface nearly won
+3 #8 boycah 2015-07-05 05:38
wow close ^^
#7 Curious 2015-07-04 20:54
well i just told u im cant play on friday or saturday
luckily im at home right now so we can play now
#6 -DoMiNaToR- 2015-07-04 14:07
where r u? im online again today
#5 -DoMiNaToR- 2015-07-03 22:06
im online now for like 4 hours

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