Весеннее Настроение/Spring Mood

08.03.2017 - 30.04.2017
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1 vs 1 tournament, generals zero hour

I greet you, my friends, in my tournament, dedicated to the spring and the wonderful spring holiday of all female creatures. This time I decided to create a classic zero hour tournament. But the tournament is not quite normal. What is most associated with both the spring and the girls? That's right - the flowers. Therefore, to begin with, I suggest you choose one of the flowers, under each of which masked a certain general. It is this general and you'll be playing until the end of the tournament. Here is a list of flowers, in the status select the flower, which you have chosen:


1. Rose

2. Lily

3. Chrysanthemum

4. Tulip

5. Clove

6. Snowdrop

7. Chamomile

8. Dandelion

9. Orchid

10. Peony

11. Astra

12. Lotus


You can choose any one you like a flower, but of course it is desirable that the choice was more varied as possible, and to matchups, respectively, were also varied. After the close of the tournament will be video decoding values of flowers. So, let's move on already directly to the basic rules. * $ 10 000, there is no limit on the superweapon, about generals - already mentioned above. In the group stage, all registered players play in a circular format (one with each). Game Format - BO 5. After the end of the circular stage 8 players with the highest number of points, go to the playoffs, and play BO 7 format. The final and third-place match played in the BO format 9. Maps are selected in order, written as follows: **


1. [NMC] Blasted Lands

2. Coastal Conflict ZH v2

3. Onza Map v1

4. Natural Threats ZH v2

5. forgotten air battle v4

6. [NMC] Gorge Drought 

7. BBB

8. TD Resurrection

9. homeland rocks zh v3


Additional rules: ***


1. All participants must provide your Skype in profile


2. All participants must have gentool


3. Do not use any cheats and hacks


4. DO NOT insult to the participants, judges, organizers and streamers of the tournament


5. The tournament administration has the right to deny registration to the tournament any participant without explaining the reason.


6. In identifying violations organizer and judges of the tournament is accepted decision on punishment in each case individually.


7. Disconnects assigned to rematch if the game rough equality and none of the players do not have a decisive advantage.


8. If a player gets tech loss more than two games, he is completely disqualified from the tournament, and all his results annulled.


9. A player who is disqualified from the tournament automatically receives a ban on participation in all my next tournaments throughout the year.


10. All participants must be at least three times a week to be ready for the game, two days at least two hours a day, and at least one day a week should be ready to play for at least six hours a day. In case of malicious non-compliance of these regulations a player can be penalized up to disqualification from the tournament. The presence of a "free day" you can inform the opponents with the help of comments to the tournament, either directly through Skype in a personal message, or other ways. ****


11. If a match is not played for a long time due to the fact that one or both parties are not active in the desire to reach an agreement about the game, the administration has the right to give both players 48 hours period during which the game should be played. If the match still remains unplayed, the administration decides on the punishment of one or both opponents, up to disqualification.


12. Also, if the opponents can not agree on the time of the meeting, the judge has the right to assign them to force a time for the game, which is something between a desired time of both players. The decision as to what time to appoint is made based on personal interviews with both players. For a more detailed explanation of the item, the rules to contact me on Skype.


13. Any game can obtain the status of "supermatch" ***** This means that it should be mandatory played with my stream. On what games are supermatch, it will be written in the comments to the tournament on cyberbattle (write about it can appear at any moment). Please avoid misunderstandings before each game, check availability for your fight, "supermatch" status, otherwise the game will not be counted, and can also be applied punishment, up to disqualification. An exception is the case when, during a game supermatch this notice is already underway or about to begin, in the next couple of minutes. If you wish, you can call the streamer on your game, even if the game is not supermatch.


14. Prohibited development frameworks enemy base in the first 30 seconds of the match


15. A player may be penalized or even disqualified from the tournament if he so much laggy, that the normal game is not possible


Prizes:****** First place  - $ 10, second place - $ 6, third place - $ 2. Additional prizes: Additional prizes: 1. "Best Game" (I think it's not need to explain) - 5 dollars to the winner and the loser 2. 2. "Angel Blessing" This prize will be awarded to a random participant does not violate the rules and does not have the technical losses. (5 dollars)




* The basic rules can be changed and / or supplemented

** This rule, as well as himself mappul can be changed

*** Special rules can be changed and / or supplemented

**** Do not take this rule too literally, but in the case of willful default player will be disqualified from the tournament for inactivity.

***** All matches playoffs once obtained this status.

****** Prize Size Set excluding fees providers transfer services for money, prizes are credited to your phone or kiwi-wallet, foreign citizens - by agreement, perhaps Paypal transfer.


Link to map: https://yadi.sk/d/_IHD6yHstA39X

Link to my channel utube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKbXYX-CZWZyuWdvJf_cHQQ

Link to the channel where you can watch a live stream: http://cybergame.tv/angelxxx123/


The organizer, the judge and a streamer of the tournament - Angel123, all the questions in the skype: angel_xxx123

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#18 Angel123 2017-03-25 11:21
Поздравляем Влада с победой!
#17 Angel123 2017-03-23 15:54
Всем игрокам, не сыгравшим свои игры, даётся 48 часов, чтобы отыграть оставшиеся игры, либо обозначить свою собственную активность в том случае, если противник таковую не проявляет.
#16 Angel123 2017-03-21 03:26
Товарищ Чемпион, попробуй принять приглашение в скайпе от тех, кто тебе его кинул. И желательно там появляться время от времени. Кроме того, не нужно ставить перед фактом в тот день, когда ты можешь играть. Может всё же попробовать писать заранее, хотя бы вечером за день? Товарищ Банака, ты, как я понимаю, расстроился своими поражениями и подзабил на турнир, или всё-таки попробуешь отыграть свою последнюю игру с Чемпионом? К Чупизу тоже относится призыв к активности.
#15 Angel123 2017-03-19 10:12
Ну что, друзья, осталось сыграть 4 игры. В принципе идёте с большим опережением графика, но расслабляться всё равно не стоит. Придите к какому-то консенсусу по времени игры, да закончим уже этот турнир и начнём к новому готовиться.
#14 ALEKS 2017-03-18 09:18
#13 ChuPIZ 2017-03-17 22:56
ты уже в ауте
#12 ALEKS 2017-03-17 18:06
могу 17,18

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