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20.08.2015 - 01.10.2015
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Грандиозный турнир по Шоквейву в честь моего дня рождения. 

Greetings, generals, on the second tournament of Angel at the best Generals Zero Hour modification, Shockwave mod. The first tournament was not as smooth as we would like, but the second one will be different. And as always, to start a pleasant start with: in honor of my birthday, increased cash prizes: 600, 300, and 100 rubles for first, second and third place respectively. In addition, there was an additional cash prize for the most beautiful game - 150 rubles (100 rubles to the winner and the loser 50). * Please also note that we are given prizes to foreign players. ** In addition, the tournament will apply a unique handicap system that allows less experienced players to increase the chances in the fight against the professionals of the zero hour, but more on that later. To begin with - the general rules. *** Tournament will be played in system Round-robin (all-play-all). For each game won is charged one point. After the qualifying round **** four players with the most points pass to the semi-finals. The winners of the semi-finals pass to the final. The losers of the semifinals will meet in the match for third place. In the qualifying stage, each match consists of three games (fixed). The semi-finals take place up to three victories. The final and the match for third place - up to five wins. All games will be played with starting cash 10 000 and superweapon limit. And now, in fact, about the handicap system. All the players will be divided into two categories: pro and semi-pro. The match between players of equal categories will be played on the following maps:

1. Tournament Desert (Первая игра)

2. TD Resurrection

3. [NMC] Summer Arena

4. Coastal Conflict [SHW] (or ZH)

5. Lagoon [SHW] (or ZH)

6. Homeland Rocks [SHW] (or ZH)

7. flash fire balanced zh v1

8. Hard Winter [SHW]

9. Melting Snow [SHW] (or ZH)

10. [NMC] Battle on the River

11. Onza Map v1

12. BBB

Army randomly, the first game on the map Tournament Desert, below the card picks a loser, all the games of the match must be played on different maps.

If the match found pro and semi-pro, the game goes to the special card designed specifically for this tournament.

1. FHG Desert Fury ***** (Semipro takes a position in the lower right corner)
2. FHG Flash Fire (Semipro takes a position in the lower left corner)
3. FHG BBB (Semipro takes a position on the right)
4. FHG Tournament Desert (Semipro takes the position from the bottom)

Semipro allways chooses the map, every game must be played on the new map, if the games in a match more than four, then, of course after every fourth game maps can be taken again. Also semipro can choose faction for themselves, and for his opponent, that is, choose the match-up, but can not be selected for the enemy twice one general, except if the second time the general falls on randomness. For myself semipro can choose any general any number of times, with the exception of Salvage GLA and Armor USA (see para. 6 of the special rules). Semipro may also refuse to handicap the match, then the match begins to take place according to the rules laid down for meetings of opponents of equal categories. Upon cancellation of the handicap, semipro receives Medal of Honor, which is equal to one victory (score of the match in the semi plus one win). The medal can be obtained only if the semipro left to win the game to win more than a single victory.



 Special rules: ******

1. All players must enter your Skype profile

2. All players must have gentool 7.2

3. Do not use any cheats, hacks and bugs from the bug list (bug list, see below)

4. Do not insult to the participants, judges, tournament organizers and streamers

5. Each player is entitled to one time in the match to ask for a restart in the first 10 seconds after the start of the match

6. Each player is entitled to no more than once per game playing generals Salvage Gla and Armor Usa. If a player drops out again one of the generals appointed a replay. At the same time the opponent can choose a general who fell to him to the replay, except when both players fall again one of the above two generals.

7. Administration of the tournament can to refuse to register for the tournament to any participant without explaining the reason.

8. In identifying violations of the decision on punishment is taken in each case individually by judges and organizer of the tournament.

9. The semi-final match, the final and the match for third place in the compulsory play under the stream, primarily under my stream. That is, to start the game without the consent of me is prohibited. Qualifying at the request of the players also can be played by the stream.

10. If the game had disconnects, assigned to a replay if the game rough equality and none of the players do not have a decisive advantage.

11. 11. All participants must be at least three times a week to be ready for the game, two days for at least two hours a day, and at least one day a week should be ready to play for at least six hours a day. In the case of willful non-compliance of these regulations a player can be penalized up to disqualification from the tournament. The presence of "free day" you can inform the opponents in the comments of the tournament, either directly through Skype, a personal message, or other ways.

12. In this event must be strictly adhered to the chronology of matches (ie no "pre-match" under any circumstances). The result of this match will be canceled, and both participants are disqualified this match.

13. If a match is not played for a long time due to the fact that one or both players are not active in the desire to reach an agreement about the game, the administration can to put both players 48 hours period during which the match should be played. If the match still remained unplayed, the administration decides on punishment of one or both opponents, up to disqualification. 


 14. Players who came in first and second place in the qualifying stage, stage of the playoffs are in one game of each match to select the general, if a match is the enemy of the same category.

Bug list: *******

1. Prohibited construction frames the enemy base in the first 30 seconds of the fight in the game for American generals or vanilla USA

2. Do not use the capture abilities of buildings in unit bullfrog

3. Aurora-alpha in the general US superweapon can only attack buildings and fortifications

4. Do not use the tank teleportation abilities enforcer US superweapon

5. Combat bike in Stealth Vanilla GLA allowed to build only in the presence of the palace

6. Stealth Fighter in US laser general allowed to build only with the strategic center

7. Hijacker from Stealth general allowed to build only in the presence of a war factory

8. Acolyte Drone at the Air Force general can be built only with strategic center


* The amount of the prizes listed excluding fees implemented in some operator when transferring money to the account of the recipient

** Prizes will be awarded in US dollars according to the ratio of exchange between currencies

*** The general rules can be changed before the start of the tournament.

**** Under the selection stage it meant the beginning of the tournament, when "in service" More all players, stage under play-off.

***** Abbreviation FHG in the title card means For handicap games

****** Special rules may be changed before the start of the tournament.

******* Bug list can be changed before the start of the tournament.

The minimum number of players to the tournament was held - 10.  Links to maps and tournament modes Shockwave:

What is Shockwave you can learn from my video review, here's a link to my channel on YouTube (unfortunately russian language)

The organizer, the judge and the streamer of the tournament - Angel123, all questions on Skype: angel_xxx123

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#14 Angel123 2015-09-06 02:43
I said that the tournament goes active and unfortunately it was mistake. The tournament, for some reason unknown to me, it is stopped, and for as much as six days did not play a single game. Well, you have to give an incentive to the game. In accordance with paragraph 13 of the special rules of the tournament, the players who still have unplayed games are given 48 hours to play at least one of the games. Otherwise, they will be exposed to all the technical losses (including mutual, if necessary) all the remaining games and then start stage of the playoffs. Technical losses are not only receive a SPL, for only he was quite active in the search for opponents. Any claims on the subject accept Skype and not later than 48 hours after writing the message.
#13 Angel123 2015-09-06 02:37
Сказал я, что турнир идёт активно и по-ходу сглазил. Турнир, по какой-то неведомой для меня причине, совершенно остановился, и уже целых шесть дней не сыграно ни одной игры. Чтож, придётся вам дать стимул для игры. В соответствии с пунктом 13 особых правил турнира, игрокам, у которых ещё есть несыгранные игры, даётся 48 часов, чтобы сыграть хотя бы одну из игр. В противном случае им всем будут выставлены технические поражения (в том числе обоюдные, если это будет необходимо) во всех оставшихся играх, после чего начнётся этап плей-офф. Технических поражений не получит только СПЛ, ибо лишь он был достаточно активен в поиске противников. Любые претензии по данному вопросы принимаю в скайп также в срок не позднее, чем через 48 часов после написания данного сообщения.
#12 strikershockwave 2015-08-30 02:22
I'm ready to play now! Come on Generals!
+1 #11 Angel123 2015-08-24 18:19
The latest news of the tournament. Firstly, it was decided to remove the ability to get the "Medal of Honor" for the semipro. In principle, the rule really is ambiguous. As unpleasant is that it still has not been found possible to fix bugs with handicap maps, that is neutral technique on these maps is still impossible to capture. And this, unfortunately, the bad news does not end there: some players are still not active in the tournament, and some do not appear online, and if in the next few days the situation does not change, all of these players will be disqualified in accordance with paragraph 11 special rules of the tournament. But in principle, the tournament goes on, and actively playing the generals are still there, which is nice. Just do not forget that all games of the tournament will either streamed or it will be VODs following the renewal of my channel.
+1 #10 Angel123 2015-08-24 18:16
Последние новости турнира. Во-первых, решено было убрать возможность получить "Медаль за отвагу" для полупро. В принципе, правило действительно неоднозначное. Так же неприятным является то, что по-прежнему не была найдена возможность исправить глюки с гандикапными картами, то есть нейтральную технику на этих картах по-прежнему нельзя захватить. И на этом, к сожалению, плохие новости не заканчиваются: несколько игроков до сих пор не проявляют активности в турнире, а некоторые вообще не появляются онлайн, и если в ближайшие несколько дней ситуация не изменится, все эти игроки будут дисквалифициров аны в соответствии с пунктом 11 особых правил турнира. Но в принципе турнир идёт, и активно играющие генералы всё же есть, что приятно. Так же не забывайте, что все игры данного турнира будут либо застримлены, либо заВОДены, следите за обновлением моего канала.
#9 Angel123 2015-08-20 13:17
Ну что, друзья, начинаем. Статус "Про" получают следующие игроки:
USA_Bruce (По собственной просьбе)
Все остальные игроки получает статус "Полупро". Ну чтож, всем, как говорится, GL HF, и не забываем звать меня на стримы (в отборочном этапе правило не обязательное, но очень рекомендуется делать это для хорошего шоу и популяризации шоквейва).

Well, my friends, begin. Status "Pro", the following players: _spL_ ZaRz DustyRhodes USA_Bruce (at his own request) All other players received the status of "semipro". Well, GL HF, and do not forget to call me in the stream (in the qualifying stage of the rule is not mandatory, but highly recommended to do it for a good show and promote Shockwave).
#8 Angel123 2015-08-13 02:15
По просьбе Страйкера, турнир не будет начинаться досрочно, ибо он собирается отрекламировать турнир ещё где-то там. :) Ну чтож, пусть будет так.

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