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Hello everyone and welcome to the Juggernaut Tournament! New mode in generals, which you hardly saw anywhere! Individuality, creativity, fun - here you will find it all! It is mandatory to have a discord with a working microphone, as well as joining/being on this server during the tournament https://discord.gg/WraxJuyNn. Information can be corrected frequently, innovations will be promptly reported on the server (there you can also find out or clarify any information about the tournament score).




The presence of the latest version of the gentul is required!


Number of participants: 50 people (maximum).


Stage 1: Qualifying (eliminatory)


Stage 2: Main


Stage 3: Optional.


The result is counted either after processing replays through the tournament site with confirmation from all participants, or selectively from streams by the organizers, or in other ways at the discretion of the organizers.


Technical description:


  1) Conducting system: mixed.


  2) Starting amount: 10000.


  3) Games will be streamed selectively.


  4) The distribution of places in the tournament bracket will be random using roulette, this action will take place on the stream on the channel indicated by the organizer.


  5) Stage 1 - qualifying. The point is to identify lagers, people with bad internet, cheaters, etc. people, because of which the comfort of the tournament could potentially be disturbed. Players, gathering at will, play 1 all-against-all battle on a map for 4-6 people, the map is provided exclusively by the organizer on the discord server (it will not be included in the new game mode). This stage must be completed by everyone in the first week of the tournament. Players can start immediately after spinning the roulette wheel and placing the grid.


  6) Stage 2 - the main one. Here begins a new mode for generals, called "Juggernaut". The bottom line is that in the center there is one reinforced player (juggernaut), and on the sides there are four ordinary players (warrior), who are on the same team. The task of the Juggernaut is to destroy everyone, the task of the warriors is to destroy the juggernaut. There are five players in one position in the grid - each must play once for the juggernaut. The winning position will be determined by a points system. How does it work? For example, 50 people gathered for a tournament. Five people get into the grid together. In case the player wins for the juggernaut, or the warrior he is awarded a point. If, as a warrior, a player is destroyed by a juggernaut, he does not receive a point. As a result, after five battles played, the one with the most points advances. In disputable or other moments not suitable for these conditions, the organizers make permissive decisions.


  7) Stage 3 - Optional. If there is no winner in game 2, then the money will either be divided at the whim of the remaining players or they will be pitted in another contest.


   8) Restriction on sw - one piece. There are no restrictions on Aurors.


   9) Games will be streamed selectively, if at all.


   10) Organizers can count on games as observers, as well as people streamers, for example.


   11) Must have RadminVPN and be a member of the server's discord (link somewhere above).


   12) Be sure to follow all the established rules and conditions of the tournament.


   13) Prize fund: 30 dollar. For sponsorship write to the organizers


    Multi-accounting (smurfing), refusal to participate in the next game/games (it is possible that you reached the final but abandoned it), refusal to play the game in the tournament (not all participants visit for a juggernaut, and you refuse to participate), unreasonable violation of the rules by the player/administration during the tournament, the use of: cheats, bugs, forced out-of-syncs and disconnects, contractual games (surrendering, giving away points to the opponent, etc.), team play behind the scenes of the team. For violation of any of these rules, the administration of the tournament applies Sanctions.


Streamers: 1) DBT, 2) (none), 3 (none), 4 (none), 5 (none). For all questions/agreements regarding the stream of the tournament, write to the organizers in the discord.


List of banned players/streamers/other people: bl9rTV, StaZzz, neistovuy. The list may expand. For clarification, please contact the organizers.


Organizers: Schutz, $$Vorkuta$$.

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