Astral Heroes League 11

12.06.2021 - 30.07.2021
admins: Nadia
State: Tournament ended
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Only for registered users

Welcome to the Astral Heroes League!

Anyone can take part in the tournament.

The tournament will consist of a group stage and a grand final.

Group stage format: each with each, Fix5 (exactly 5 games with each opponent).

The format of the final depends on the number of players in the tournament.

 When registering, please indicate the nickname corresponding to your nickname in the game


Registration is open until 12.06. 2021 20:00 Moscow time.

Start of the group stage: from 12.06.2021 to 28.06.2021. until 21:00 Moscow time.

Scoring: 1 victory in the meeting = 1 point. The winner is the one who will score the most points.

Seating allocation: If 2 or more players have scored the same number of points, then the player who won the personal meeting will be higher. 

Design of games: To design a game, you need to go to the "My games" tab, select an opponent, enter the score. Screenshots are optional. Games can now be reviewed.

Any of the participants in the meeting can register the game, but if the winner is registering the game, then the loser must also confirm his defeat in the "My games" tab



Technical victories and defeats:

1. After the end of the league, inactive players, who have played less than 50% of the meetings, will receive technical defeats with a score of 0-5 in all games, including played games.

2. If both players have played more, or 50% of the meetings, then those with a score of 3-0 receive the one who has played at least 2 games more.

3. If both players have played more, or 50% of the meetings, then the one with the score 1-0 gets the one who is played for 1 game more.

4. If both players have the same number of games, then both will be reciprocally defeated with a score of 0-0.

Loss of communication and consequences:

The player is defeated in this match, if due to him there was a break in communication. If both agree, then you can outplay

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