08.08.2015 - 31.08.2015
admins: strikershockwave, DustyRhodes
State: Tournament ended
All files: Download

Only for registered users

All players must have skype in their profiles.

-Format: Single Elimination

-Version: Contra 008 Final ( http://www.moddb.com/mods/contra/downloads/contra-008-final )

-Starting Cash: $ 10000

-Position/Spots: Random ( not select position )

-Games: Final and 3rd Place BO9. Semi-Finals BO7. Other Games BO5

-Army: Random Open

-Gentool: Latest Version (7.2)

-SW Limit: 1 (Limit SW) - Tournament Mod

-Forbidden: Cheats, Bugs, Maphack,  hacks softwares ....

-Games can be played on: Hamachi (Network Name: C&C Generals ZH Mods   Password: No),  GameRanger or Tunngle

-MapsFirst game is played on Tournament Desertloser choose different maps from the list below for next game. Can't play on the same map twice. 

Barren Badlands

Bitter Winter

Final Crusade

Desert Route

Forgotten Forest

North America

Thristy Snake

Sand Serpent

Direct Attack

War Place

* All players must edit score and upload replays after the game!

* What will happen if a game ends in a disconnect, crash or mismatch?

If the game mismatches or someone disconnects, the game will have to be re-played unless there was a clear winner at the point of disconnection/crash/mismatching. In this case that player will be awarded the victory. If you are unable to agree on this, send the replay to Admins's Skype and a tournament referee will decide.

* Good Players from tournament may be invited to join in testers team !!!

-Special Instructions:

Make a copy of a clean zero hour folder to install Contra 008 Final mod!

1. Put all files from Contra 008 FINAL into a clean Zero Hour copy folder.
2. Rename !Contra008.ctr to !Contra008.big.
3. Rename !Contra008EN.ctr to !Contra008EN.big OR rename !Contra008RU.ctr to !Contra008RU.big if you want Russian language.
4. Rename !Contra008VOrig.ctr to !Contra008VOrig.big OR rename !Contra008VLoc.ctr to !Contra008VLoc.big if you want English unit voices.
5. Rename !Contra008MNew.ctr to !Contra008MNew.big OR rename !Contra008MStandard.ctr to !Contra008MStandard.big if you want vanilla soundtracks.
6. Rename Scripts folder to Scripts1 (which is located inside Data folder).
7. Start the game from generals.exe.


#25 Grin UA 2015-08-08 00:56
Настройка гарены:


Настройка хамачи:
скачать, установить, сеть C&C Generals ZH Mods без пароля
#24 dj_vagary 2015-08-07 23:37
и что там писать? как найти этот сервер?!
#23 dj_vagary 2015-08-07 23:21
так что качать гарену или хамачи?!
#22 Grin UA 2015-08-07 23:11
Quoting dj_vagary:
Блин, у меня не гарены не хамачи нет, я не знаю как настроить

Гугол в помощь. А то если человек не может даже настроить элементарную прогу для игры, что говорить о турнире....
#21 dj_vagary 2015-08-07 23:08
Блин, у меня не гарены не хамачи нет, я не знаю как настроить
#20 bl9rok 2015-08-07 22:30
Quoting dj_vagary:
через что турнир будет? Через Tunngle?

хамачи или гарена
#19 dj_vagary 2015-08-07 22:11
через что турнир будет? Через Tunngle?

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