KW: R14 Conspiracy Tournament

21.04.2019 - 22.04.2019
admins: Leikezei, Derand
State: Registration is opened

Only for registered users


Stage not found Tournament events

Date and time

Sunday, April 21st at 2:00 pm GMT+0

you can use the following internet services: 
greenwhichmeantime,  timeanddate,  timezoneconverter . IMPORTANT:  You a must have the 1.02+ the Release 14 Map Pack 1 dated 13th January 2019 installed to-play in the this event, the which you CAN download from found here This the tournament will of the BE the run on the C & the C: Online, SO please The confirm That you have a signed up closeup for the C & the C Online: Kane's Wrath When you join, you can use your online game.

It is your own responsibility. You will not be reminded individually of the Event Managers. Clear your schedule in advance.

Online lobby

  • Russian 1, C & C: Online

Tournament Organizer:

  • Leikeze

Events Manager (s):

  • Leikeze

  • Derand

  • Whitey (aka JakeWhite)

Sponsor (s):

  • Leikeze @ $ 50.00

Rules and Formalities

Event format

The tournament will be played as a single elimination tournament. 

  • Bo3 for Round 1
  • Bo5 for Semis 
  • Bo7 for Finals


Signing-up and checking in

Sign ups close (1 hour before the event is due to start). Once the players sign up, they’re online for free.


For this tournament any faction is allowed including random.

Map pool

1vs1 maps from the 1.02+ map packs.

Map pool

  • Atacama road

  • Battlebase beaverton

  • Extraction Plateau

  • Golden hour

  • Het platteland

  • Pipeline problems

  • Sick city

  • Small town usa

  • Tiberium rift

  • Tournament Apocalypse

  • Tournament arena

  • Tournament crater

  • Tournament Decision (including noPoker variant)

  • Tournament Dustbowl (including noPoker variant)

  • Tournament galaxy

  • Tournament highlands

  • Tournament LA

  • Tournament meadow

  • Tournament odyssey

  • Tournament reef

  • Tournament rift

  • Tournament tower

The map selection is fixed and not negotiable.


Seeding will be randomly seeded before the tournament starts.

Result Reporting and Replays

The winner of the of After each round has Been a determined, IT is the Responsibility of the winning player to report the victory and the of result and the replays in the #replays-only channel on the Horse Discord. 


The following rulings have been added to tournaments. All bugs and exploits listed below are banned in events:

  • ·         The two banned KW exploits are forbidden in tournaments and if used will result in a ban from future events (Fair Play Punishments will apply as well)

    ·         Teleporting EMP'd Hexa (or any units in general) Player forfeits unit to their opponent unless the opponent allows them to keep it. Unit must be sent on hold fire stance.

    ·         Beam-Venom unlimited range Player will have 3 seconds to stop the bug. If the player does not stop the bug they will receive a warning. If used again they forfeit the game.

    ·         Teleporting units without a wormhole, prodigy/mastermind (Note: Shock Troopers &Firehawks are excluded from this) Player forfeits the game, if used again player is disqualified.

    ·         Foxhole-harverster bug Player will receive 1 warning, any further offences will result in a game forfeit.

    ·         Using sides of any maps to hide units where the enemy can't see them. Player forfeits the game, if used again player is disqualified.

    ·         Producing duplicates of units to get them to instantly spawn (Commando's, Mastermind, Epic's, Prodigy) Player forfeits the game, continual usage will result in the player being disqualified

    ·         Using Stasis Shield on a superweapon AFTER the weapon has activated to stop it dealing damage. Player forfeits the game, continual usage will result in the player being disqualified

    ·         Cabal grenade range bug. Player will receive 1 warning, any further offences will result in a game forfeit.

    ·         Multiple avatar upgrading from one unit.Player forfeits the game, continual usage will result in the player being disqualified

    ·         Freezing the game while in windowed mode Player forfeits the game, continual usage will result in the player being disqualified

    ·         Using a Temporal wormhole with another support power to slow down the game. Player forfeits the game, continual usage will result in the player being disqualified

    ·         Disconects/desynch (Excluding Quad Turrets) Players decide if they want to give a win or remake the game. If they remake the game the same factions/map must be used. If players can not agree then the replay is to be sent to the referee who will decide the outcome. With disconnects if a player disconnects multiple times in a tournament they may be DQ'd.

    ·         Desynch (cause by Quad Turrets) [b]Player who built the upgrade forfeits the match regardless of who is winning.



    ·         Teleporting MS infected unit or sending it through wormhole is not considered an exploit in this tournament. 

Cheating / Disconnecting / Dispute Resolution

All reports and issues will be resolved by the tournament managers.

Being late

There will be no match for you. The opponent will advance to this position. The tournament is reached. Failure to play rounds in a quick way.


If you accept the rules, you can be using. Registration for the event closes
1 hour before the event is due. It will be possible to make sure that it will be the case.

The make sure the you Please have a signed up closeup for Revora and are Able to access Kane's Wrath on the C & the C: Online
a BEFORE you sign up closeup for the event. If you’re online at the Revora Support Forum, once you have read the pinned topics there. If you haven’t been able to make it on the Internet, you’ll not be able to play it.

If you are not 100% sure that you will be attending the tournament.

In addition to signing up for this event, you must also check-in. Check-in opens the sign-ups close and closes 15 minutes before the event starts. You must check in.

If something comes up, then you can't have it. Failure to show up on future tournaments.



-1 #5 Derand 2019-04-21 19:33
Sorry about this, but this tournament will be postponed due to some management issues. The tournament was supposed to happen earlier today, but one of the admins who supposed to start it decided to give up on tournament and the event never happened. Apologies about this
#4 Hanzo 2019-04-21 17:08
To anyone who sees tournaments like these. Do not be fooled, these are just trollls or scams by the looks of it, they probably want to trick you into receiving cash prize by getting credit card information. Do not be scammed. I do not know how to report this.
#3 Hanzo 2019-04-21 17:04
Hi it seems that the tournament was supposed to be played today as another player and I ( EcLIpse) waited in russian1 until the start time ( 2GMT) and no one came.
I am under the impression that this tournament got cancelled and no one was notified. Otherwise what kind of tournament organisers do not go to their own tournaments which they will pay money to.
If it was cancelled I do not know why no one notified here (the website of the tournament) I wasted a lot of time to this and am very dissapointed. I had hopes that my childhood game was still alive, sad to see it buried deep in a tomb where it can never be revived. I also was told that the last remaining fans are hardcore fans and care a lot about the game. I was deceived.
#2 Hanzo 2019-04-21 16:53
Hey yall im in russian 1 but nobody seems to be here. Am I in the wrong server? Or did I fuck up the time?
#1 Hanzo 2019-04-21 16:06
Hey wassup yall!
Where do I check in?

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