Astral Heroes League #4

14.12.2016 - 22.12.2016
admins: SoN1C, YaroKap
State: Tournament ended
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Лига завершена!

Siri0n, Scalpel и Fraizz получают билет в Pro-Лигу на следующий, 4-й сезон сезон!

Welcome to the Astral Heroes League!

Astral Heroes League is divided into two parts: Pro-League, which is attended by the best players and the Amateur league, which can participate anyone. To get to the Pro-League, you need to take a high place in the Amateur League.

Registration is open until 14 December 18:00 MSK (GMT +3).

Start: December 14 at 19:00 MSK (GMT +3).

Please use your in-game nickname when signing. If it is already in use - select the other, and inform the organizers of the tournament.

Attention! The Amateur League will rally at the end of the season, which will feature only the most active players! Play the most matches in the group and get a chance to win 100 gold!

Format: Group Stage (each with each), Fix4 (4 games with each opponent).

Game Mode: training, random deck.

Dates: from 14 December to 22 December.

Note to the positions distribution: If 2 or more players gained the same number of points, then takes place above the player, who won in a personal meeting. In a closed chain is taken into consideration the difference of won and lost matches.

Games registration: To specify the result of the game, you need to go to the tab "My Games", choose an opponent, enter the score and add screenshots (to select all the screenshots in turn, need to hold down the Ctrl key).

From the screenshot must be clear who won. Screenshot button is F12, then it will remain in the game folder. Screenshots are required, without them, the game will not be counted!

The game can be framed by any of the participants of the meeting, but if it does the winner - loser must confirm his defeat.

Technical wins and losses:

1. At the end of the league, inactive players who have played less than 50% of the games will get technical defeat with the score 0-4 in all games, including games played.

2. If both players played 50% or more games, the technical victory 2-0 receives the one who has played at least two games more.

3. If both players played 50% or more games, the technical victory 1-0 receives the one who has played at least one game more.

4. If both players played the same number of games, both will have a mutual defeat with the score 0-0.

Connection issues: if somebody quit the game during league match for any reason - he gets a technical loss. Exception: if opponent dont mind, this game can be replayed. We ask you to observe a good manners, and allow your opponent to replay game if he accidentally surrender (bad internet, for example). But if you think that he do it deliberately - you free to claim technical win.

League promotions and shootout:

3 worst player Pro-league are knocked out to the amateur league.

The best player of each group (there will be 3 or more groups) Amateur League receive a ticket to the Pro-League next season.

Current prize pool of the Pro-League: 1100 gold! Sponsors: YaroKap-50, Sinsixx-1000, Dima-Prishivalko-vk-50. (will be added more)

1st place - 550 gold.
2nd place - 330 gold.
3rd place - 220 gold.

Current prize pool of the Amateur League: 490 gold! Sponsors: SoN1C-40, Sinsixx-450.

1st place in the group - 130 gold. 
Victory in the draw - 100 gold.
(details in the top of the page

The video of fights are welcome
. If you record video - leave a link in the comments, the organizers attach it to the result of the meeting.

League ends December 22 at 23:00 MSK (GMT +3). .

Official website and forum:


+1 #6 Djoker 2016-12-20 16:19
Готов доиграть оставшиеся матчи. Но с Гримом согласен на 5-0, если он конечно жедает доиграть то ок, я там 3-0 летел
#5 Fraizz 2016-12-19 15:54
Zombydemon, Sherlock, Badrobot, напишите здесь, когда вам будет удобно сыграть
#4 SoN1C 2016-12-15 19:38
нету его, да. пусть сам нас ищет.
#3 ahaxopet 2016-12-15 17:35
xox38 игрока не могу найти не в офлайне и не в онлайне в игре такого ника не вижу
#2 SoN1C 2016-12-14 20:00
Начали уже. Приступаем к играм.
#1 lynxsps 2016-12-14 19:12
Господа и дамы, может уже начнем?

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